One OAP - one bike - one tent…

During the summer of 2011 Bob Jones will ‘celebrate’ his retirement by cycling (anticlockwise) around the coast of England, Scotland and Wales, a distance of nearly 6,000 miles.  He reckons it will take him just short of 100 days.  He plans to visit some 600 ports, harbours and jetties en route, as part of his continuing research into the history of Britain’s harbours.  See his website at

The unaccompanied trip will start and finish at the Port of Ipswich, where Bob worked for 21 years between 1969 and 1990.

He aims to raise money for two charities that are close to his heart - the Stroke Association and the Meningitis Research Foundation.  His partner Bundy suffered a stroke in February 2009, whilst Bob was hit by meningococcal septicaemia in 1996.

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Start date - Saturday 30 April 2011